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Helps you design and print professional tags for your Jeweltag price labels
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JewelTag is the name of a line of price labels manufactured by Meganet and specifically designed for jewelry. Jeweltag Pro is the software tool that you can use for free to design and print your JewelTag labels. It allows you to use any standard inkjet printer for that, so that you do not have to buy expensive thermal printers for that purpose.

Even though its user interface is nice and eye-catching, it might turn out to be a bit difficult to understand at first. However, you can browse the program’s manual in Microsoft Word at any time. One of the program's most important modules is the Layout Editor. There you can add all the elements needed for your tag and design it very accurately. You can add texts, logos, barcodes, and even the item's photo. For the text elements you are allowed to set their font, size, angle, color, and exact location. In addition, you can select from a list of 20 predefined tag layouts as a basis for your work.

The most important asset of this program is probably its capability to manage the labels' data using databases. You can manipulate that information making use of two tools - the database field editor and the label data editor. The former allows you to define the information fields that you want to store about your jewelry. The latter allows you to input, delete or edit your records. Moreover, you can import data from previously existing databases, too. Many of the most popular formats are supported, including XLS, DBF, and MDB. All of this is very useful to print a batch of tags at once - you can print tags for all the records on your database or for a subset only.

In short, Jeweltag Pro is a very useful software tool for any jewelry business owner or any other person who needs to design and print batches of jewelry tags quickly and easily. Unfortunately, they will match Meganet's JewelTag labels only.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Nice and eye-catching user interface
  • Allows you to create and print labels in full color
  • Allows you to print your labels using any standard inkjet printer
  • Lets you define fields for your jewelry database
  • Allows you to import data from previously existing databases


  • Designed to work with Meganet's Jeweltag labels only
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